Here is What You Can Expect During Your Treatment:


  1. We will identify and hone in on your unique and individual health goals

  2. I will create an integrative, personalized plan tailored specifically to your goals, nutritional needs, lifestyle, and taste preferences as they evolve.

  3. Your therapy will address your relationship to food, as that is often the thing that gets most in the way of healthy eating. Learn how your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, stress and relaxation levels, ability to experience pleasure, and more, have a great impact on your metabolism and weight.

  4. Your treatment will combine science, psychology, and attention to the heart and soul to powerfully change the way you relate to food and nutrition.

  5. I will implement a regimen of natural supplements to optimize your health, and often will advise the integration of a yoga practice to aid your needs. 

  6. I will help you to find the inner wisdom you're born with—the wisdom that can powerfully affect your relationship with food.

  7. Your therapy will combine gentle, "user-friendly" nutrition with conscientious attention to your own body.

  8. Together, we will use science and mindfulness to help you feel good about your eating and better about your health.