A collaborative treatment team provides:


A safety net of support for your patient's optimal health.

Time for each provider to address the important issues in his or her own area of expertise.


As Vermont's first and only Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian (IAEDP), I can:

  • Provide guidance and education on the recovery process.

  • Assist in the coordination of higher levels of care, when needed.

Appointment availability guaranteed within 2 weeks of referral, often sooner. 


Insurance Accepted:


Professional Supervision:

Would you like to be more effective in providing nutrition therapy and embodied awareness tools to people struggling with eating? Scheduling a supervision meeting in person or by phone can:

  • Enhance your expertise by addressing challenging questions and providing perspective in your counseling.

  • Provide guidance in introducing mindfulness and embodies awareness tools to calm the nervous system, improve digestion and be better attuned with eating.

  • Help sort through feelings that can be triggered int he process of helping a client recover from an eating disorder.